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MJB is all about the durability of clothes. It’s about loving fashion and continuing to love it even more whilst you are pregnant and after. But not at any price!

MJB supports a Sustainable approach. Yes, you want to look jolie and have a variety of outfits during your maternity, and you will want the same for your children, of course!

But we say; cherish your clothes as you cherish our planet, and adopt an eco-friendly attitude. We should all be automatically checking if the items we want are available to buy second -hand,  before we buy new. 

What does My Joli Bump do to contribute to SUSTAINABILITY?


We love Imperfect

Imperfect does not mean ugly, or unwearable. Our society to date has told us to throw away these slightly damaged items, but MJB gives them a second chance and opportunity to be loved by someone else. Please take a look at our products here: Imperfect and joli


You can sell your old clothes

By giving you the option to put your clothes on our plateform, we stop them from just sleeping in your warderobe and we wake them up and offer them a second chance to be loved again. With MJB, it’s a never ending (love) story. 


Making a change for the long term

Maintain durability by buying pre-loved clothes when your baby is born. Visit our partner website offering a broad choice of clothes for 0 to 14 years old: Yalla kids

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