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My Joli Friends

My Joli Friends is our caring community of mums and dads sharing their own parenting experience. 

Today we are very happy to welcome Sophie in My Joli Friends‘ community!

Sophie believes there is no one-size-fits-all to parenting. She offers workshops for mums and dads with children aged 0-13 struggling with all kinds of parent’s stress…

Sophie’s Portrait

Job 1: Mummy of 5 little ones aged 2 till 12. 

Job 2: Hand in Hand certified parenting instructor


What would be your best “mom to be ” advice ?

Get support! Do not stay isolated. It takes a village to raise a child.. but it also takes a village to keep a mum in good shape through those demanding times. And by support, I do not mean anything pricey. I mean a community of supportive mums like you, who are here for you whenever you need to lean on them. 


What is the worst young parent advice you were given ?

When one of my babies was constantly crying until he turned one. I heard a thousand times : “Why don’t you go and get it checked by… [Fill the blank] ? I was so fed up with that advice : did people really think I was doing nothing ? Of course, I got him checked by a dozen of different professionals! What I would have loved instead would have been someone who stood by me, just saying “ I hear you. This is hard. You are doing great, brave Mum !”


Mama Bear or Mama cool?

A proud Mama Bear when kiddos are young, turning Mama Cool as they grow up – although always up for a good old-fashioned cuddle-and-snuggle session with my elder ones.  


What could you bring to the “mum-to-be” or “nursing moms” community through your expertise/job/activity?

Have you noticed: despite motherhood being one of the most challenging and evolving roles we will ever embark on, there is little real guidance. Unsolicited advice from Instagram, Facebook, your mother-in-law or your nanny: oh yes, you get plenty of those. But at best, these seem to offer a very polarized set of options.

I believe there is no one-size-fits all approach to parenting. It is something you work on discovering, through trial and experimentation.

I offer parenting workshops for mums and dads with children aged 0-13 struggling with parent stress, setting limits, separation, aggression, tantrums, sleep or siblings rivalry.

My goal ? Help you find your parenting style by teaching you Hand in Hand 5 listening tools. At the end of the workshop, parents feel accepted as they are, and feel supported. I genuinely believe that each of us deserves a chance to find a tribe of people who accepts us and allows us to be human.. And this is what I offer to my community of Hand in Hand parents.


Where can we find you?

Être parent mérite du soutien – Hand in Hand Parenting avec Sophie

You can follow me on Instagram @handinhandavecsophie

Discover my podcast “Hand in Hand avec Sophie” on every major platform

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