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My Joli Friends

My Joli Friends is our caring community of mums and dads sharing their own parenting experience. 

Today we are very happy to welcome Celina in My Joli Friends‘ community!

Celina is a holistic and massage therapist, she is THE person you will need during your pre and post-pregnancy. She is a specialist in sports massage, deep tissues, reflexology, reiki, and cranio sacral therapy.


Celina’s Portrait


Job 1: Mummy of 2 beautiful girls age 8 & 9 years old

Job 2: Holistic Therapist


What would be your best “mom to be ” advice ?

Trust your innate Momma instincts! It rarely leads you astray!


What is the worst young parent advice you were given ?

If your babies don’t learn to crawl the right way then they won’t know how to read when they are older!

Of course, stay tuned for issues but my daughter never crawled and she is almost top of her class!


Mama Bear or Mama cool?

Oooh, Mama Bear! I’d like to think I’m mama cool but I would only be fooling myself!


What could you bring to the “mum-to-be” or “nursing moms” community through your expertise/job/activity?

Lots of lovely pre and post-natal care!

Pre and post-natal massage to help with those ever-adjusting muscles and joints, water retention, and lots more. Pre and post-natal reflexology is a fabulous relaxing treatment to help balance the body, and hormones, aid induction, and assist in rebalance of all bodily functions post-delivery.

Cranio sacral therapy, another beautiful treatment to address any deeper pre and post-natal issues, and traumas from a physical, mental, and emotional point of view.


Where can we find you?

At the Heal Hub Rehabilitation Center ( Umm Suqeim/Jumeirah 3

Book your appointment: 042 638 555, 045 466 152

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