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Mamas! how do natural therapies are part of your daily life?


The pregnant woman goes through so many changes (on all levels!) That she can discover emotional states that need to be listened to and cared for. And why not with complementary techniques that will only bring comfort to our body and our mind?
There are practices that we hear about but that we do not necessarily dare to test, or that we do not know enough about the virtues to turn to them and realize that they can provide us with well-being. in our daily lives, and even more so during pregnancy.

We’ve tested a few, and good news! They are located in Dubai with one and the same therapist (Gwenn) who will guide you according to your needs towards the appropriate practice.

Who is Gwenn?
Hello, I am a practitioner in Holistic and Natural Health. I offer shiatsu (acupressure), plantar reflexology, and sound therapy treatments.
I also teach Hypnobirthing, a hypnotherapy program to prepare for childbirth in peace and without pain.
Several times a week, during ZenClass, I share meditation and relaxation techniques to learn how to release stress and better manage emotions.
I also run sound and vibration meditation workshops, where participants are guided with visualization and rocked by therapeutic sounds (crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes, drums …).

What exactly do you suggest to a person who comes to see you for the first time?
I always start with an interview on his medical background, on his lifestyle (diet, sleep, hydration, sport) in order to know his physical and emotional state as well as his level of energy and stress.
We then practice breathing exercises. I guide her with a visualization to enter a state of deep relaxation. The more relaxed we are, the more the self-healing power of our body is stimulated.
The treatment begins either lying on a futon for shiatsu or sound therapy, or on a massage table for reflexology.
At the end of the session, I share different tips so that she can improve her lifestyle and work on herself because each person is responsible for their physical and mental health. I do not heal, I help find the source of the problem and I support the person towards a better balance.
Note that my treatments usually last 1h30.

How do you choose the method that you will apply to the person who comes to see you?
In general, the person contacted me for a specific session: shiatsu, reflexology, sound therapy or relaxation techniques. Depending on his pathology, I will refer him to one or the other.
For example, for depression or insomnia, I work more with shiatsu, while for hormonal or infertility problems with reflexology.
In cases where the person is very stressed, I suggest a first session of relaxation techniques. So she can set up a relaxation routine at home and I see her again the following week for treatment. It is essential to learn to relax because it is the mismanagement of our stress and our emotions that creates in us an imbalance at the origin of the disease.

What are the pathologies that you encounter most often in your profession?
I support people who suffer from a wide variety of health problems: anxiety, depression, burnout, digestive problems (reflux, colitis, constipation), insomnia, infertility, menopause, cancer, sciatica, pain in the back / elbow / shoulders / neck, headaches and migraines, menstrual cycle disorders, respiratory disorders (asthma, colds, sinusitis), and many more.

How does a session take place and what are the beneficial effects on pregnant women?
I really like working with pregnant women, they have great energy. The session goes normally by adapting the position according to the size of the belly. I can therefore work on the futon but also on a chair, a table or with a large ball.
I have more than 10 years of experience with pregnant women, shiatsu or reflexology are not contraindicated during pregnancy but there are acupressure points to avoid. It is therefore very important to consult a qualified and certified practitioner.

Relaxation is the primary goal of treatment. Shiatsu and reflexology can also help relieve several pregnancy-related ailments: nausea, back and / or joint pain, sciatica, restless legs syndrome, hemorrhoids, gastric reflux, and insomnia.
At the end of pregnancy, a shiatsu session can make it possible to return a baby to a breech. And if the famous “due date” has passed, I can help induce labor with specific acupressure points and moxibustion.

A little advice for all future and new mothers who read us, to apply after childbirth so that they continue to enjoy all these benefits?
I advise them to take care of themselves, to rest as much as possible, to hydrate well, to eat healthy and to exercise at their own pace while respecting their bodies.
You also have to give a lot of love to your baby, to your other children, to your husband (having moments between lovers without the children) but above all to yourself.
I also invite them to be observant of their own thoughts and to believe only those which make them happy, to be kind to themselves and not to judge themselves.
I receive new mothers after they give birth with or without a baby, to continue to rebalance the energy in the body, to release the tensions due to stress and to give them a moment just “for themselves”.

BONUS: Gwenn also gave us some tips for pregnant women who are feeling nauseous, hopefully it helps more than one!

Ginger is an excellent remedy for stomach problems. When you are pregnant, you will cut it into small pieces and let it steep in a cup of hot water overnight.
When you wake up, you will drink it chilled, then throughout the day (remember to transfer it to a bottle that you will keep with you)
Nausea is also reduced by taking small meals during the day. Also remember to always have a rusk on your bedside table, next to the cup of ginger, for waking up 😉
And don’t skip breakfast!
You will also find something to relieve yourself in lemon essential oil: applied to a handkerchief, breathe it in from time to time during the day
You can also take vitamin B6 supplements, or find this vitamin in … organ meats (bon appétit!), But also … pulses, green vegetables, bananas, and dairy products)
Practice meditation and relaxation. If you’ve never done it before, now is the time to get started. Pregnancy is synonymous with energy and hormonal changes and stress will only increase these feelings of nausea.
You have to let the body get used to this new life that is settling in it, and meditation and relaxation will be able to accompany you during these more delicate first months.
Gwen strongly recommends taking your time in the morning when you wake up: ideally, you should stay 15 minutes lying down and then sitting up after waking up.

Thanks to all these advices, you should be stronger than all these little inconveniences!

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