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We know how hard it can be to shop for and find the right clothes when you are pregnant, and how time-consuming it is to sell your maternity clothes.

My Joli Bump makes your life a little bit easier: we select the very best new pieces, we take pictures of your old garments, advertising them for you and we post
new purchases directly to your door.

Our approach always has you in mind, which means that when we select pieces for our collection, we
truly believe that you will be absolutely thrilled with them.  


My Joli Bump offers a broad selection of maternity wear; both pre-loved and new maternity clothes across a wide variety of brands, sourced directly from well-known European labels. As maternity is also very much about the time following your baby’s birth, young mums can find a large collection of breastfeeding items, including dresses, tops, and bras.

We also offer an outlet for mums to give new life to clothes they have loved during their own maternity, by passing on to new proud owners via our service, Sell your clothes.


You can shop on our website from anywhere, and view our latest items at the showroom on Facebook and Instagram.

If you prefer to try before buying, you can make a pre-selection on our website and ask for an appointment at the showroom.


Mums of 4, we are a firm believer that living in a way that protects the Earth can make our everyday life better. When we were pregnant, we always struggled to find quality, fashionable and reasonably-priced maternity clothes. Therefore, we have joined our wishes, which are to provide an eco-friendly service to suit the ever-present community of mums, just like us.                Albane & Sophie

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