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My Joli Friends

My Joli Friends is our caring community of mums and dads sharing their own parenting experience. 

Today we are very happy to welcome Bianca in My Joli Friends‘ community!

Bianca designed the maternity fit wear range for Bellyvable with all women in mind. Womanhood and Motherhood is hard enough. We scrutinize ourselves and are our own worst critics without the added pressure society puts on us to not look like we have “let ourselves gone”.


Bianca’s Portrait


Job 1: Mommy of 2 (soon to be 3)

Job 2: Founder of Bellyvable (meaning: able to believe in the beauty of the pregnant belly)

What would be your best “mom to be ” advice ?

The days are really long but the years are really short. Forget about the dishes and laundry and the to-do list. When you’re holding them, really look at them. Look at their little fingers and their little toes, look into their little eyes and create a connection in that moment.

What is the worst young parent advice you were given ?

Do everything you should and you will have a happy baby. Not true!! Sometimes you can do everything right and your baby might still cry😂 It’s a baby, they cry, it’s going to be ok.

Mama Bear or Mama cool?

Mama bear

What could you bring to the “mum-to-be” or “nursing moms” community through your expertise/job/activity?

A sense of belief that you deserve to feel beautiful/confident in all phases of womanhood. Whether you are pregnant or just had a baby. The female body is amazing and should be celebrated in all its phases.

Where can we find you?

You can find Bellyvable’s outfits in My Joli Bump’s showroom, on my e-shop , on Instagram, and Facebook bellyvable_me


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